Dec 10

Ep12 Brock Radunske and Hockey in Korea

Hockey is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Korean sports, but there are some people trying to give the sport a bit more popularity here, like forward Brock Radunske of Korea’s national team, who you’ll hear from in this episode.

Aug 27

Ep11 Summer in Ulleungdo

The show is back and this time it’s all about going to the easternmost county in Korea, way out in East Sea on the island known as Ulleungdo, a magical place with magnificent scenery, delicious food, and a unique history.


Jun 14

10 Smartphone apps that everyone needs in Korea

Here’s the list, which you can hear the details of in the latest podcast:

  1. Kakao Talk: The instant messaging app of choice in Korea.
  2. Banking Apps: All of the major banks and credit cards have complete services available in their apps.

    The '주변' section of Naver Maps

    The ‘주변’ section of Naver Maps

  3. Streaming Music Apps: Bugs, Melon, Naver Music, Olleh Music are the main ones.
  4. Naver Maps: It’s what I imagine Google Maps is like in San Fransisco, only better, and designed for the local culture.
  5. Wingspoon: The ultimate ‘good’ restaurant database that shows where the closest ones are to you.
  6. Korail Talk: The only thing you need to walk onto any train in the country.
  7. Cloud Apps: Want 10x the space of Dropbox? Try nDrive, U+Box, or uCloud (if you’re in Korea)
  8. Hangeul Viewer: For when someone sends you an .hwp attachment, which is… all the time.
  9. Movie Theater Apps: CGV, Megabox, Lotte Cinema, and others all let you make seat reservations.
  10. Shopping Apps: GMarket, 11st, Yes24, …the list goes on and on.

Think I left any apps out? Let me know in the comments.

Jun 12

Ep10: 10 Essential Korean Apps / 10 Unforgettable Korean Movies

It’s the tenth episode this week, and I thought I’d do something a bit different and go through 2 top-10 lists, except they’re not really top-10 lists…. more like 10 apps that everyone needs in Korea, and 10 unforgettable Korean movies. I’m not saying they’re the best, but you should check them out and tell me if you think they are.


May 10

Changing Korea: Timelapse Satellite Images Show Korea Swapping Mountains for Golf Courses

Time and Google have apparently teamed up for a special project which showcases over 25 years of changes on the earth as captured by the Landsat satellites. It seemed at first glance like they had only selected a few especially interesting places, but it turns out that you can actually look at a whole bunch of places, including the whole peninsula of Korea. Korea has certainly changed a lot during that time, but perhaps most notably in the rural areas, where I have witnessed at times mountains literally being removed to build all sorts of different facilities. Take a look at the two pictures below for example. These show the differences in an area east of Seoul known as Gangchon (강촌) which has been long known by locals to be a weekend getaway area. Perhaps due to this reputation, an uncanny number of golf courses, country clubs, resorts, and gardens have been built in recent years – all right on top of the mountains.

Gangchon in 1984

Gangchon in 1984

Gangchon in 2012

Gangchon in 2012


I’m assuming that there are many more amazing changes like this on the peninsula, so check out Time’s original project to explore at your own leisure. You can search for Korean areas with the explore the world link at the bottom.


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